Are you looking for music production tips? If so, you’ve come to the right place! 

Maybe you just started learning how to use your DAW and need some help getting the sound right. Maybe you’re a seasoned producer looking to improve your mixing skills. Whoever you are, I’ll bet there’s at least one tip on this list that will help you get the creative juices flowing! 

Here they are, in no particular order: 25 music production tips:

1.Pan background vocals or you risk a muddy mix.

2. Follow your delay with a bit of reverb to make it sound more organic.

3. Compress your reverb return for a thicker sound.

4. Enable auto-save in your DAW in case of a crash.

5. Pan out your drums for a wider sound.

6. Re-balance your volume after all effects have been added.

7. Place a compressor on your vocal track with a fast attack to control the peaks.

8. Applying master bus compression during mix down is a good way to ensure a coherence to the signal.

9. Leave automation as your last step when mixing audio.

10. Subtractive EQ is a fantastic tool for tightening up low end mids.

11. Subtractive EQ should be done before the compressor is placed.

12. Keep your master output level at -6db when mixing audio.

13. Use a high pass filter. It’s the most commonly used tool in mixing.

Are you still with me ?? Let’s keep going 

14. Start mixing your kick at -10db.

15. EQ your effects or you’ll end up with a muddy mix.

16. 200-500hz is where mixes get muddy.

17. Pan your tracks before adding compression.

18. Start the mix by bringing all faders down to zero.

19. Use a noise gate to remove unwanted background noise.

20. Try this in your effects chain in this order: Reverb, 1/4 delay, 2nd reverb. 

21. Feed your bus track into other bus tracks for some funky effects.

22. Don’t place any plugins on the master channel while you are mixing.

23. Spread your delay bus to wide stereo. This always makes the song feel big.

24. Use saturation for a more analog feel.

25. Use guitar rigs on your bass for some awesome sound design. 

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