What is the difference between Mixing and Mastering?

Think of mixing the way you think about putting a puzzle together just right. We take all the parts you have recorded and make sure they fit perfectly with one another. We’ll do things like adjust fades, add in effects, EQ the tracks etc… When we are finished mixing your song, we guarantee you’ll be happy with the way it sounds, and confident that it is musically complete.

Mastering takes a professionally mixed song and enhances it to the highest level. This fine-tuning will make your song sound bigger and clearer than you ever thought possible. All this is done with the goal of maximizing the quality of your song, without compromising the intended feel of the song. Mastering prepares your recording for streaming services, radio play, and makes an album sound unified as a whole.

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How do I export files and upload them to the site?

  • For a Mix session we require all individual tracks from the project (Kick, Snare, Bass etc.) from bar to End of track. See our video guides HERE
  • For Mastering sessions we need the project as a whole exported into *one* .wav file. See our video guides HERE
  1. All files must be placed in a folder
  2. Folder then needs to be compressed into a Zip file.
  3. You must then create an account. 
  4. Once you create your account visit our Shop and select between Mix | Master | Combo
  5. Choose your package and Checkout- You can pay with either with Credit Card or via PayPal.
  6. Once Payment processes you will be sent a private upload link via e-mail you provided us.
  7. Click on your e-mail link and upload your Zip file ( from Step 1 and Step 2 )- THAT’S IT YOU ARE DONE.

How do I upload projects if I choose the 10 Track Bundle ?

The Process is the same as any other upload, the only thing different here would be once you have every song folder compressed you will than need to place all of them in a Main folder and compress it . You will be left with a Main Album folder kind of like this ( i.e Adam’s_Full_Album.zip ).

The main zip file will be the one you would want to upload to us.

What if I upload the wrong file?

We start work within 4 hours of receiving payment and files. If you msg us in that time we will happily accept another file.

Do you have a blog?

Yes we do, visit our Blog page and get the latest tips and news plus amazing music articles.

 How do I know it will sound better?

We will do everything in our power to make your project sound incredible, and you can rest assured you always have the final say when it comes to how your track sounds. We have a 95% first result satisfaction rate, if you are not happy, all projects come with 3 revisions. All you have to do is e-mail us at revision@soundcomet.ca

Visit HERE to check out some of our work and let your ears be the judge.

How big of a file can I upload?

Project size can be upto 20 GB.

How can I get a hold of you guys?

You can call us free at 1 (888) 862 – 4235 or visit our Contact Us page.

Why should I have my audio mastered?

Mastering is the final, and necessary, step to bring your recording up to a professional standard. Optimizing your music through the mastering process is necessary to stand out on a global scale. Whether your music is intended for radio play, CD duplication, or play through streaming services, it must be mastered to be competitive

Why do I need a professional to master my project?

Mastering engineers develop a precise sense of sound and musicality that is necessary for professional mastering. Having a fresh set of ears listen to, and master your song, is another huge advantage of hiring a professional mastering engineer. Listening to a track without having heard it many times before, allows the engineer to be truly objective when making decisions to maximize the quality of sound.

How long will it take to mix and master my project?

You can expect to have a single song mixed within 5 days. An album can generally be mixed within 18 days. Mastering generally takes 1-3 days for a single song, 7-10 days for an album. These timelines cover your first stage mix/master. Time for completion of a project depends on the number of revisions are needed after customers review the initial product.

To get a more precise idea of turnaround time on your project, please message us directly here: info@soundcomet.ca

Do you offer rush order services?

Yes. You can select rush delivery on checkout for $50 per track. This will ensure you get your project back within 24 hours.

For example : If you select the Combo package 3 times (for 3 songs) , you will need to select Rush delivery 3 times to ensure all tracks are done on time.

You can select Rush Delivery only for 1 song even if you upload 10 tracks.

Can I receive a physical master disc, reference disc?

No, we do not ship any physical items. However we will send you CD optimized files (16 bit audio) for you to use for printing your own CD’s. We recommend .

Where are you located?

We are located in Winnipeg, Canada. Central Standard Time Zone (UTC-6)

How can you mix and master for such a low price?

Receiving projects electronically allows us to avoid having to schedule appointments or sessions. This allows us to work outside of normal business hours. This, along with the high volume of projects we receive, allows us to pass on a lower price to our clients. Check out our shop for all services offered.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and ApplePay online.

What is your refund policy?

We do not make refunds.

We are confident you will be more than happy with your finished projects, and we will continue to mix/master your track until you are. We are always willing to make small changes (volume changes, small adjustments) free of charge. For larger changes (replacement of vocals/instrumentals, track layout changes, effect changes) as well as revision of a mix after it has been mastered, there will be an additional fee of $25.

 Where can I access your terms and conditions?

terms and conditions.

Where can I access your privacy policy?

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