10 Track Bundle

10 Track Bundle


The complete package – We will mix and master 10 tracks offering you the chance to save $191.



(Last Updated On: February 5, 2018)

The complete package – We will mix and master 10 tracks and offer you savings of $191.

  1. Volume consistency through all 10 tracks.
  2. All tracks will be readied for distribution
  3. Track quality accepted by iTunes, Spotify, Google Music and many more.
  4. Up to 4 revisions on each track.
  5. All finished Stems will be included in finished package.
  6. Delivered in 3 weeks and $3500 cheaper compared to the big name studios.

The Pros

Allow us to work on your entire album and we can make sure that it is all done properly and as a result we will deliver you a package that is consistent on all fronts, therefore no song is going to sound louder than the next. Your album will be ready for distribution and you have saved yourself countless hours in the studio, Hours that you can put towards what you love doing, to make music.

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